Designs by CJ

CJ is an artist based in the USA.

With a passion for fashion (and emojis), CJ's art style is bold and sparkly, just the way she likes it.

She tends to talk sporadically and then stops to apologize for interrupting. Not wanting to accidentally come off as rude or strange, her high energy and passion are always apparent, and CJ wants everyone to know she's just a super excited and highly engaged person.

Her personality comes off strong, having several mental disorders, including autism and a personality disorder, but she doesn't let it deter her from wanting to make friends and pursuing her dreams at the highest level.

The subjects of CJ's art are often cute OC girls with disorders, scars, and unique qualities with the aim to normalize what is typically ostracized. Her art encourages others to love themselves and pursue happiness, no matter what baggage you may be carrying.

Find her art on Instagram @fairytale5353!

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