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Hey guys! This is essentially the first video I've ever recorded for my Yumelixir vlogs. I've been recording videos on and off for years since high school, but never really felt great about them. Perfectionism is something that has always held me back, and even in this scenario, I've been debating about whether or not to post these "practice" videos. But I think posting them, prior to when I can truly be satisfied with my video speaking/filming/editing skills and getting it out in the world (not that many will even view them now) will help me to overcome the perfectionist hurdle and keep moving forward. No one is perfect, and we can only grow with practice and execution.

"Step by step you get ahead but not necessarily in fast spurts." - Charlie Munger

My "about me" video will detail parts of my mindset, but mostly what I've spent my time doing since high school up until now to get a general idea of house I came to start Yumelixir ~ Hope you enjoy 😁 [Posted 2/26/18]




Follow Meridian, creator of Yumelixir, on her journey from the ashes 🔥 to an entrepreneurial work-from-home lifestyle 🏠. This series is about the four pillars of a balanced life: health 🍎, wealth 💸, love 💖, and happiness 🤩, and how she continues to strive towards her ultimate goals in each of these.


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Ever wonder what the difference between different 👘 J-fashion styles are? Here, Zephyrinspiration attempts to create a definitive collection of J-fashion info with guest bloggers 🖌️ who are experts in their niche in order to clear answers on what makes a style unique 💮.