Mission Statement

Create with Love, Deliver with Power


Through my brand, I advocate for self care, physical, and mental health and create activities for those involved with my brand to also promote the same. My personal story is surrounded by friends and family who have suffered mental illness or conditions in one way or another. While I don't have any mental illness myself, my story can inspire others who may be in the same spot, supporting others who may be experiencing it, while also dealing with my own balance of caring for myself over working too hard. I invite others to my promoter program, who may be experiencing mental illness battles themselves, to share their story in a way that can educate and inspire others in ways I would not be able to.


My brand is also a brand of my wealth pillar, currently a side income to supplement my main. I aim to grow this brand into a more sizable income through revealing a lot of behind the scenes work, with practical insight on how others can invest in themselves, make goals from dreams, and create a future doing what they love.


In the love pillar, this can involve social friendships, familial relationships, and even romantic. Yumelixir is a project not built by just me, but through the help of my family and my boyfriend who invest their time and energy to support my efforts in running this business. Everyone should know that behind a great person is a team that supported them. Social media always highlights the success of individuals, and never really reveal the story behind what makes a great movement, leader, etc. I want to teach people that Yumelixir is a team, a growing community, and that to succeed, it can't be done alone.


You know how the state of long lasting sadness and lack of motivation is "depression?" Someone tell me the work for the state of long lasting happiness and drive... There really isn't one. At least not in the English language. We have words like "joy," "happy," "glee" but none really represent a state of rather permanent, overflowing, continuous, happiness. The closest I can probably describe is "fulfillment," where one can be satisfied and continue to be not only content, but can give the same to others without their flame dying. Yumelixir aims to be a brand that can grow steadily and healthily, on the support of others, and become an organization that can give back to the world in big ways.