Fight On Mahou Shoujo Red Shirt

Fight On Mahou Shoujo Red Shirt

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Magical Girls have been an influence to the designer since she first began watching anime, with Tokyo Mew Mew as her introduction to the anime world.  They’ve been with her through most of her hardest moments and have always brought her joy; shows such as Madoka Magica, which took a different standpoint on the Magical Girl genre, helped her see them in another light.  It was this unique perspective which helped influence her designs for the pills collection.

Speedy Recovery is based on the mascot girl of common magical girl anime – the sweet characters, like Sakura or Madoka.  These are often the most youthful and bright out of the bunch, and they’re always there to give a helping hand.  Speedy Recovery is the healer, but she also represents the childish naivety we had when we were younger, when everything in the world was a little brighter and sweeter and bad moments lasted only a second.

On the other-hand, Fight On is the more grown up character who takes things head on and isn’t afraid of being hurt.  They can be seen as either the protector, or the stubborn hero who wants to take the world on alone.  Either way, both of these characters go hand in hand and neither is successful without the other.

With these designs, the designer wanted to show that it is okay to need and lean on others.  Both characters use medication as their weapons, because regardless of their stance against mental illness, their medication is what makes them strong enough to fight another day.  This attitude helps emphasize that it’s perfectly normal and healthy to need a bit of backup in life.

Product Specifications

  • Gildan Mens T-Shirt
  • 5.3 oz. Pre-shrunk 100% cotton
  • Double-needle stitched neckline, bottom hem and sleeves
  • Seven-eighths inch seamless collar
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder taping
  • Color scheme: red and black, with hints of lavender