/yōōməˈliksər/ n. dream potion

'Yumelixir" is the combination of two words: "yume" and "elixir"

"Yume" or "夢" is the Japanese word meaning dream; "elixir" is an English synonym for potion.

In fantasy settings, a potion is typically consumed with intent to create an effect. For example:

- Love Potion
- Healing Potion
- Shapeshifting Potion

Yumelixir aims to be a dream potion, helping people who consume Yumelixir content, purchase Yumelixir products, and engage in the Yumelixir community to "manifest their dreams."


Hello there! My name is Meridian, the creator of Yumelixir.

As many of you know, I love to incorporate a lot of mental health themes into my work. While growing my shop over the past few years, I've envisioned a movement and community that I'd love to nurture and grow through my platform.

My dream is for Yumelixir to be a community-driven content platform working to bring positivity and awareness to a growing community of individuals pursuing happiness and health amidst mental or chronic illnesses. I would love to grow a team to support a community that seek to spark conversations regarding mental health struggles, and work together to create a space where those illnesses can be discussed and understood together.

This community would be made up of a diverse group of people looking to pursue happiness on their own terms, and we could encourage everyone within this following to share their journeys towards mindfulness and self-care. Yumelixir stands for inclusivity, diversity, equality, and self-love, and emphasize that understanding others different from ourselves is an important part of understanding our own self.

In addition to this dialogue, Yumelixir hosts a space for the community to draw inspiration from the Menhera community and Mare Kawaii fashion aesthetic. Taking inspiration from the menhera community gives us an opportunity to explore different aesthetics without the restriction of what menhera “should” or “shouldn’t” be--we instead represent our community by exploring mental health with our designs, and use those designs to help create a safe space where we can discuss our statements together.

By marrying together mental health awareness with the uniquely experiential self-expression of Harajuku styles, we translate our goals into an aesthetic that takes the messages we all believe in and puts them in a physical form for anyone to embrace.

While the concept of pursuing happiness and health is intangible, exploring this idea through art and fashion gives the pursuit a tangible medium for self-expression. The dreams and goals we set out for ourselves may be intangible, but through the Yumelixir platform’s dialogue and art expression, we aim to provide a tangible space for the community to “catch” their dreams.

If this vision resonates with you, I'm excited to have you along for the ride.

- Meridian