Many people join my giveaways and ask questions about them, so I made this page to answer them, clarify additional details, and also serve as a terms and conditions all entrants must abide by.

By entering any of my giveaways, you agree that you have read and consent to the terms and conditions written on this page.



The goal of my giveaways is to help grow my TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts and reach more people. By attracting people to follow my account via a giveaway (easy viral format), I can make content about my creative endeavors and how mental health is a core part of my art. I am also able to share mental health awareness resources with my followers.

My content is a mix of fashion (the major coping mechanism for developing my identity and overcoming my self-hatred), mental health awareness tips, alt fashion styling and posing tips, and giveaways. Additionally, my main fashion aesthetic, Medi Kawaii, combines medical imagery with fashion to double up as a method to promote mental health awareness.

If you need mental health resources, please visit this document I've put together.
If you are interested in learning more about Medi Kawaii, please visit this document I've put together.
If you would like more resources on various important topics and social justice causes, please visit this page.


Every giveaway post that I create will have instructions on how to enter. If you ask me how to enter, I will tell you to watch my giveaway video and follow the instructions there. If you need additional clarification, I will tell you to read this page, which has the full rules, terms and conditions that you would want to know about my giveaways.

Activities that I might ask viewers to do in giveaway posts may include: commenting on the video, commenting a certain answer to a question I asked, commenting a vote or preference they have based on my video content, subscribing to my other social media channels, submitting information that I am collecting, and more.

Typically, any giveaways that requires you to comment on the post will only count comments as entries. Replies will not count as entries.

Typically, if I have "more difficult" entry activities, I will create better rewards for that giveaway post. (Example: easy giveaways may be 1 or 2 items, while hard giveaways may be a whole box of items!)

Lastly, anyone who enters my giveaways MUST be following my social media account where they saw the post. Example, if you saw my giveaway post on TikTok, you have to follow my TikTok account. If you saw my giveaway post on Instagram, you have to be following my Instagram. So on, and so forth.

I don't require entrants to follow all my social media accounts or to comment on every single giveaway post across all my social media accounts. But I will only choose ONE WINNER from all the posts across my social media accounts each weekend. This means, if you do follow and comment on multiple posts, you have a higher chance of winning.

My social media accounts are as follows:

TikTok account @meridiosyncrasy
Instagram account @meridiosyncrasy
Instagram shop account @yumelixir
YouTube account Meridian Vu - Yumelixir


If you win, I will ship worldwide*, for free. However, due to COVID-19, we now know that the postal system has been much slower lately, and there are some countries that my post office doesn't allow me to ship to. If you do not live in the USA, I will ship your package, so long as the postal system allows me to mail to you.

You can click here to view updates on the international shipping restrictions that my postal service is facing.

After I ship out packages, I also provide a tracking code to help you keep track of where it is. If the tracking doesn't update, there is nothing I can do, since it's in the hands of the postal service! Additionally, I will mark down the value of my packages as much as possible, but will not be responsible for any customs fees that come along with retrieving your package from the customs office. To my international winners, please be patient for the package to arrive.

Lastly, should a package end up returning to me because it was unable to reach the winner, I will not be sending it back, as it will cost me to send it again. But you have the option to pay for postage if you want me to send it a second time.


I like to keep to a schedule and regularly post giveaways to my TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube accounts on Saturdays! I may post giveaway trailer videos leading up to my next giveaway. If I am not planning to post a giveaway this coming Saturday, you can find out when I plan to post next by checking those trailer videos.

So long as I have time, shipping budget, and items to giveaway, you can expect to see a giveaway from me almost every Saturday.


Items such as clothingjewelrywigsshoes, and more! These are all fashion-related items, and particularly are things that I have personally made, personally like, or personally use.

Majority of the things I giveaway are new items (never used by me). When I create any giveaways, the items in my videos are all my own items. What I send to winners are new items that I buy or make for the winner.

If I am ever giving away something used, it will be clearly stated in the TikTok video. Should this happen, it is likely an item I am looking to declutter OR it is an item that I have upcycled from a thrift store. Any used items will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before shipping it to the winner.


Due to some giveaway formats I tried in the past, I am limiting 1 winner per giveaway weekend. I will always state in the video, caption, or pinned rules comment that I will only have 1 winner per giveaway, across all my social media platforms.

The reason for this is due to a previous post getting so popular, that 14 people won (all of the thigh highs I had for the giveaway), and people kept messaging me after the giveaway ended that they also "won" as well.

I also had another post that had the 1 winner cap stated in the comment, but not the video, and after I announced the winner for that post EVEN MORE people messaged me that they "won" due to this post going viral and no one was reading my caption or pinned comment.

So now, I make sure there is a permanent message in all my giveaway posts that there will only be 1 winner in the video itself, so it's very clear, and won't confuse anyone.

If you didn't win a giveaway, please don't stress too much about it, as I will always have more giveaways coming in the future!


If you are experiencing any level of hardship, I send you my condolences. Even if your hardship would be lightened by me giving you free items, I will not be able to give you anything if you did not win my giveaways according to the rules, terms, and conditions on this page.

Proper businesses that contribute to charity, or actual non-profit organizations and charities, and even government welfare programs or other distribution programs that were created to give back to those in need are not able to give to everyone equally. But these dedicated bodies of people and systems do their best to give back according to their organization's purpose.

In comparison, I am just a single person, making fashion content and Medi Kawaii items during my free time. I have a full time job that supports my bills, and I try to use what extra time and money I have to contribute positively to the world around me. I do not have the ability to properly fact check if someone is experiencing hardship, nor the ability to gauge the level of hardship someone is experiencing. I will not be able to accept "proof" that you are experiencing hardship either.

If I were to give someone something for free if they told me they are experiencing hardship, what about the other people who are trying to join my giveaways, who may also be experiencing hardship? It simply wouldn't be fair (or sustainable) for me to send free items to people who randomly DM me about their experiences.

In the future, I would love to maybe have a giveaway contest or format where I am able to specifically give a prize to someone experiencing hardship, but at this moment in time, I am not able to host this type of giveaway. If you have suggestions on a format type that is fair and has a definite time frame and budget, please send me a DM on Instagram! I'd love to consider options on how I can contribute directly to those in need, without the issues of being unfair or unsustainable.

Because I cannot give you any free items, please refer to the resources I've put together from people and organizations who would be more equipped to help your situation. If you need support: Click here to access the resources. Hopefully these will be able to help you, or that you get connected with someone or a group of people that specialize or have the capacity to help your situation.

Disclaimer: So far, no one has messaged me and tried to use their hardship or situation to guilt trip me into giving them free items. There have been a few messages from people who have reached out about their circumstances, and respectfully asked if I would be able to send them anything, and I told them the above information.

I just added this to the FAQ page because I used to work for a non-profit organization and do have several first-hand experiences where people who are legitimately in need had "entitled" attitudes. During this experience, these people did try to guilt trip me or accuse me of being an awful person for not giving them "more" of what the charity was distributing at the time.

Just because someone is in need, does not mean they are entitled to the goodwill of others, especially at the expense of the person they are trying to receive something from.


My giveaways are typically formatted for a 24 hour entry period. The activity that I ask viewers to do will be stated in the video, and they will have 24 hours to do that activity. Any entries that occur after the 24 hour period is not considered for the prize, but they can always join the next giveaway!

For my not "liked by creator" giveaway challenges (like this one), the giveaway ends when I turn off the comments. If I turned off the comments, that means I have found a comment that has the 1d timestamp without my "liked by creator" stamp on it, that passes all the rules on this page. I stop liking comments after that, because there are thousands of comments and I cannot possibly like all of them. (I no longer host giveaways in this format due to the logistical problems it causes)


For my comment anything challenges (like this one), the winners are chosen at random.

My first step is to allow an RNG app to choose which social media platform I should pick the winner from.

Then, I scroll through to let the messages load up, and then I scroll up and down randomly for a few minutes and wherever my finger stops when I randomly decide to stop scrolling, then I read the comment. If the comment followed the instructions from the video, and the rules on this page, it wins. If the comment did not follow the instructions in the video OR violates the rules, terms, and conditions on this page, then I repeat the process until I find a comment that qualifies to win.

For my not "liked by creator" giveaway challenges (like this one), know that TikTok does not keep comments in chronological order, so there is no real way to verify whether one commenter hit 1d before another commenter. There is an element of randomness and luck that goes into winning this challenge. The comment must have the 1d time stamp, must not have my "liked by creator" stamp, and must follow all the rules on this page, AND then has to be the first comment I find when scrolling to look for the winning comment. (I no longer host giveaways in this format due to the logistical problems it causes)


When 24 hours are up, I screenshot the winning comment, and I announce the winners by tagging them on a video post (like this one). I say thank you to everyone who joined, and also may give a sneak peek at the next giveaway I have planned.

I also document all the winners of every single giveaway on this spreadsheet.


If you see that I posted the screenshot of your winning comment, and tagged you in my announcement video, please send me a DM on Instagram.

I do this because scam accounts who are pretending to be me try to contact my followers. Those scam accounts send shady messages and links using accounts that LOOK like mine, but are NOT me. I will NEVER use another account to contact a giveaway winner. I instruct all winners to contact ME on Instagram.

When contacting me on Instagram, be sure your settings allow me to respond to you. There are several times when I try to respond to DMs and I am not allowed to reply unless we are mutuals / friends.

When we get in a DM conversation, I will request certain information such as the winner's name, age, email address, mailing address, and which of my available prizes they would like to receive.


Unfortunately, ever since I started doing giveaways, someone (or several people) have been creating fake accounts to impersonate me. They use my name, profile picture, and create a username that is similar to mine.

They are all scam accounts, and typically will mass follow and message a bunch of my giveaway participants, telling them they have won the giveaway via DM and sending a sketchy link asking for sensitive information.

If this happens to you, please do not open the link! I would also appreciate if you can report the account and block them!

So far, the scam accounts I know about are:


I will add more to the list as more of my followers report them to me.

These are my official accounts:

TikTok @Meridiosyncrasy
TikTok @Yumelixir (inactive)
Instagram @Meridiosyncrasy
Instagram @Yumelixir (semi-active)
YouTube Meridian Vu - Yumelixir


If this actually happened to you, and you somehow made it to this page, congrats. Here's a cookie for your effort: 🍪

Because raising awareness for mental health and other social justice causes is one of the main goals in growing my social media and hosting giveaways, I will NOT tolerate anyone who is trying to waste my time with "entitled" attitudes when they don't win.

I spend hours of my time almost every weekend putting together my giveaways posts, interacting with the commenters, creating the products I am giving away, packing the prizes, and coordinating with the winners to get the details straightened out so I can send them the package. Additionally, I have already spent hundreds of dollars on the materials to make or buy the items I giveaway, the packaging for the prizes, and the shipping (yes, international winners are included) cost, and that money cost me my time to earn.

Whether you were being a troll, being entitled, or if you were actually genuinely curious, I simply don't have the time to sort through all the message I get to find out if you were being malicious or curious. If you try to argue with me (angry tone, questioning tone, or neutral tone) about who won or about my rules, I will direct you to this page with the full rules, terms, and conditions for any clarification you need. If you continue to argue with me after that, I will block you. If I find a message directly offensive, I will block you immediately.

I announce the winners for every post, and they get what they win. If you lost, I owe you nothing. If you don't win, join the next one!

Don't waste my time by adding a complaint to the list. Instead, if you win, celebrate! If you didn't win, know that your engagement on my posts has helped my account reach more people and contributed to spreading mental health awareness and other resources to more people.

If you have time to waste on complaining about my giveaway being "unfair" or the rules being "unclear", then I suggest you spend that time and go make your own brand, grow your own social media following, host your own giveaways, and be the perfect example of what you expect out of other creators. Better yet, make sure that your content also promotes mental health awareness and resources for various social justice causes.

I will not be spending my time to coddle negative, easily-offended, entitled attitudes when I can be spending it making fun fashion content that makes me happy, inspiring other people to explore their self-expression journey, hosting giveaways to boost the Medi Kawaii aesthetic and Menhera message of promoting mental health awareness, giving prizes to people who are truly happy to receive them, and engaging with people who bring positive energy to this space.


  • Entries are accepted within 24 hours of the post upload time. Any activity after that is appreciated, but not qualified for a giveaway entry.
  • Any hateful / troll comments or activities are automatically disqualified. (It is MY giveaway and it is up to my discretion if I feel your entry is hateful or trolling.) I have listed some examples of previously disqualified comments below:
  • Comments with formats such as: If you like this comment then you support (X hateful group, person, or action)
  • Comments with formats such as: If you like this comment then you hate (your followers, a group, person, or action that should be supportive or loving)
  • Comments with formats such as: If you like this comment then you have to follow me back (or other actions that are soliciting a response from me as the creator)
  • In general, comments with formats such as: "If you like this comment then __________" will be disqualified (whether it is a positive, negative, neutral, objective, or subjective statement or question) due to the commenter attempting to associate a random statement with me that may or may not be true. (Don't like it when your parents "put words in your mouth" twist what you're trying to say? Then don't do that to others, especially when I am in the giving position and you're aiming to be on the receiving end.)
  • Comments asking "what if I say something controversial" or similar (You put effort into a longer comment. You're really gonna ask that?) Comments with spam or troll words such as: pee, poop, pp, pepe, we-we (or any variations of this), barf, fart, shart, deez nuts, deez, nut, caca, kaka, piss, ur mom (or any variations of this), wap, balls, ballz, ding dong, ass, p*ssy (or any other genital related word or misspelling of them), Pro-tip: If you wanna talk about your favorite food nuts, be specific and tell me you like "cashews" or "pecans" or "almonds". Don't use "nuts" and then defend that it's "appropriate" when I disqualify you.
  • Pro-tip: If you wanna talk about your favorite cats, you can say "cats are cute" or "my favorite cats are Siamese" or "I have a Calico cat and she's precious". Don't use "p*ssy" (or any mispellings of it) and then defend that's it's "appropriate" when I disqualify you.
  • Any comments that directly address me insensitively are automatically disqualified. (It is MY giveaway and it is up to my discretion if I feel your entry is being insensitive to me.) I have listed examples of previously disqualified comments below:
  • Comments with words such as: liar, cap, sus, scam, sussy baka, etc (Even if it's a joke or non-malicious, why would I want to give a winning prize to someone saying or implying that I'm a liar? It's just insensitive.)
  • I will accept comments that say: bet, really?, no cap?, no lie? etc (This can be interpreted in a "exciting challenge" to join, so that's fine. This is also indicating a question towards the challenge instead of me.)
  • On the other hand, comments that say: you lying?, you capping?, etc (Since these are directed back at me, I do not tolerate this either.)
  • Comments that call out the algorithm boost of my giveaways walk a fine line, and I will accept or reject these comments at my discretion.
  • I will accept If someone says something like "These type of posts help the creator get more engagement and follows, so that's smart" as it can be jealous, neutral, or positive. And I'll choose to believe this is neutral or positive, should this type of comment win.
  • If someone says something like "Posts like these are just a scam by the creator to get more followers" then it will be disqualified.
  • It's completely true that I am using the giveaway format to gain followers and engagement - but I will not tolerate anyone calling me a scam, liar, ploy, etc. The time, effort, and money I put into this does not entitle random people to address me insensitively, and it certainly does not entitle them to receive a prize from me, even if I wasn't promoting a cause.
  • For any giveaways that instruct a user to comment to enter, you are allowed to comment more than once. However spamming is not allowed.
  • Spamming is NOT ALLOWED. I have listed some examples of spam that disqualify comments below:
  • One letter comments
  • One periods, dashes, or other single punctuation comments
  • Number comments, etc.
  • Multiple of the exact same comments.
  • Keyboard mashes of random keys.
  • One comment of emojis or emoji mashes are allowed (if they are positive emojis and not troll/hateful emojis). HOWEVER, spamming several comments of emoji mashes or emojis will disqualify you.
  • If you are going to enter, ACTUALLY leave comments. Be creative, be nice, be thoughtful, tell me about your day or your favorite food! Don't bring spam or negativity into this space.
  • If you leave a lot of comments in a row, that are all unique, positive, and thoughtful, this is not considered spam. I will accept all these types of comments as entries. And for that, I say thank you so much for the effort you're putting in, the positivity you are bringing to my posts, the algorithm boosting you are contributing, and for actually reading this entire page. It's people like you who I would love to award winning prizes to!,
  • Links are not allowed in comments.
  • All giveaway instructions from the video and caption must be followed to qualify your entry.
  • For my not "liked by creator" giveaway challenges (like this one), the 24 hour time stamp is from the time a comment is posted NOT from the time the video was posted. (I no longer host giveaways in this format due to the logistical problems it causes)
  • Only 1 winner will be chosen for each giveaway weekend, across all my social media platforms. When a winner is chosen, the giveaway ends.
  • Giveaway winners must be comfortable sharing their name, age, email, and mailing address via DM to receive their prize. If I need to email you or you need to email me to confirm any details for the giveaway, your email MUST function. If your email is "not working right now" then you will be disqualified as a giveaway winner. (There are so many people who want to receive the prizes from me, and I don't want to have a difficult time confirming anything I need to confirm with winners. And if an email is not working, it makes it much harder for me to continue doing giveaways).
  • Anyone of any age may enter my giveaway. However, age will be asked when contacting the winner. Anyone under 18 years of age will need consent from their parent or legal guardian to redeem the prize. (This is because I will need to ship this package to someone's house and will therefore need an address. Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental consent to share their address with me to receive the giveaway package.)
  • Entering this giveaway is FREE. There is no purchase is necessary. The winner of the giveaway will NOT have to pay shipping. I will ship these to the winner at my own cost.
  • This giveaway is open internationally. Whether or not someone lives in the USA or an international country, I will still be shipping this package for free, tracking included.
  • If anyone tries to argue (angry tone, neutral tone, or "I'm pretending to help by being a gaslighting narcissist" tone) with me about who won or about my rules, they will be blocked. (I am hosting weekly giveaways and spending quite a lot to create/buy and ship these items out. If I encounter a lot of "entitled" attitudes, I'll likely stop my weekly giveaways. Don't ruin this for everyone.)
  • If a giveaway winner interacts with me in a way that is rude, hateful, trolling, or in any way makes me feel offended or upset, I have the right to revoke their winning status and select another winner.
  • The content of this page is subject to change without notification, at my discretion. Should a change occur in the middle of a giveaway, all changes will apply for that giveaway and beyond. (I will not tolerate anyone trying to "loop hole" this terms and conditions page. If I make changes to this page, it's likely to combat against entrants trying to abuse my giveaways rather than enjoy it. If you've entered and don't win, please don't ruin this for everyone.)
  • Should a giveaway winner not respond within 24 hours via Instagram DM, they forfeit their prize. Be sure that your Instagram DM settings allow me to contact you or respond to your message. A new winner will be selected OR the prize will be used for next week's giveaway.
  • By entering the giveaway, you agree that you have read and consent to the terms and conditions written on this page.



I choose one winner each weekend, but I post my giveaway video to all my social media platforms that I am active on.

If you follow several or all of my social media accounts, and follow the giveaway instructions on several or all of my social media accounts, you have a higher chance at winning the giveaway!

PS: I don't get very many comments on my YouTube giveaway posts, so that's a great one to pay attention to, since you may be competing with less people if my RNG app chooses YouTube to pick a winner from.

My social media accounts are as follows:

TikTok account @meridiosyncrasy
Instagram account @meridiosyncrasy
Instagram shop account @yumelixir
YouTube account Meridian Vu - Yumelixir


If you leave a lot of comments in a row, that are all unique, positive, and thoughtful, this is not considered spam.I will accept all these types of comments as entries.And for that, I say thank you so much for the effort you're putting in, the positivity you are bringing to my posts, the algorithm boosting you are contributing, and for actually reading this entire page. If comments like that win, then it's people like you who I would love to award winning prizes to!


When I scroll randomly to find a winning comment, there are about 5 comments that display on my screen....

If I find a comment that "passes" all the rules, but is neutral or positive but bland (ie: "Bet" or "Hi! 😊") but a really positive comment that someone else put effort into is right next to is on the screen that is randomly chosen (ie: "I love the message behind your fashion, and want to support your content to spread mental health awareness!" or "Experimenting with fashion and my self expression has helped me a ton and it's nice to see other people with similar empowering experiences also.") then I will choose the positive comment that has effort put into it.

There is still a random element to the winner selection, but I will choose positive effort over neutral effort.

It's my giveaway, my time, and my money. And with my resources, I will do my best to keep things as fair as possible (random element), but will reward positive engagement (promoting positivity in an online space also contributes to mental health awareness causes).


If you do the above two tips, and I happen to notice your repeatedly positive efforts, I may just want to give you a gift even if you didn't win. (This does not replace a giveaway winner, this is just an addition). There has been a case where someone did this, and they actually did not win. But the positivity they brought to my experience as the giveaway host was extremely encouraging, and I was happy to message them and send a small gift.

Additionally, comments that let others know "spamming is not allowed" or letting people know "the purpose of the giveaways is to promote mental health awareness" and to encourage others to keep the experience positive and fun really goes a long way for me.

As it happens, when I host giveaways, I get comment banned after a certain amount of comments, so I can't inform everyone if their comment is considered spam or disqualified.

So to the people who have been commenting in ways that specifically support my efforts, I really appreciate you. I won't be able to award every act of kindness, but I do notice these types of comments and engagement, and may reach out to you to send a gift.

PS: Use gentle reminders or general statements on what is considered spam from my rules. DO NOT go around replying "disqualified" or something like that on posts that I would disqualify. I am NOT looking for "comment police" - I am looking for positive engagement. If I start to see people "promoting themselves to being a comment-police" then I would have to remove this method of potentially getting gifts from me.


I often do live streams with giveaways for the people who stick to the end of the stream.

If the title of my giveaway has the gift emoji 🎁 at the end of the title, that means I am doing a giveaway. Sometimes I have 5 people on my live stream, and sometimes I have 50 people on my live stream. But that gives you a higher chance to win a prize! There's only a handful of people that are on my live stream, yet my giveaway posts may have thousands of comments!

To enter the giveaway on my live stream, comment and interact with the audience, or ask a question in the comments. I do the random scrolling to choose the winner, and as long as it's not hate, spam, or trolling, you win!


If you are an artist that draws or has their own products or shop, you are welcome to message me about an art trade. Messaging me does not guarantee an art trade, but you are welcome to ask.

Some notes I have about this:

I am more likely to trade for items such as pins, stickers, clothing, etc vs. art prints or art commissions. Sometimes I may want art commissions, but I do tend to want to trade for physical items. The main realm I tend to prefer would be kawaii or alt fashion items, anime fan merch, and sometimes kawaii, alt, or glam home decor.

I am more likely to trade with you, if you have a shop, or at least existing inventory of items ready to ship. This is due to time. I don't want to have to keep checking in on the progress of something that isn't made yet, to know if we can ship out the items for the trade. If I do request a commission from you in exchange for some of my items, I will likely want art instead of a custom hand-made item.

This is due to past experiences where I have shipped out my side of an art trade, but other artists who would make custom clothes or accessories did not make them, and eventually stopped responding to me or just forgot about the commission. In instances where this happened, I was given digital or physical art commissions every single time, but had several cases where I did not receive physical custom items I commission during my trade.

If I reject an art trade, it doesn't mean I don't like your art. It may just mean that it's not the style I am looking to add to my collection, or that I currently am not open for trades due to time or financial constraints.

If anyone begs me/argues with me to trade with them after I have said no, I will block them.


My giveaways are NOT sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any company who's IP might be represented in items I am giving away UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

All rights to such content belongs to the respective companies who hold those IPs.

My giveaways are NOT sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any Facebook groups, Discord servers, Subreddits, or any other social media platforms or hosts of said groups that led you to seeing my giveaways, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

My giveaways are hosted by me: Meridian Vu. I am a single person who can be found on Instagram as @Meridiosyncrasy, on Youtube as Yumelixir, and on TikTok as @Meridiosncrasy.

If there are any items in my giveaways that contain IPs belonging to any company, I declare that the items are fanart and are NOT official merchandise. It's unlikely that I would get licensed by a company to create official art, but if I do, it will be CLEARLY STATED in the giveaway post if my creations are officially licensed via the collaboration.

I am hosting my giveaways with the intention to grow my social media accounts account. By growing my following, I aim to share content that inspires me and a message that is near to my heart. To learn more about my vision, which I call my "Dream Catcher Movement," click here.




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