Belphegor "Dreamscape" Music Plaque
Belphegor "Dreamscape" Music Plaque

Belphegor "Dreamscape" Music Plaque


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Obey Me Fanart of the Belphegor "Dreamscape" Album Cover Artwork UV printed on a clear acrylic plaque.

You can add Belphie to your collection and feature him on your art wall or desk!

Barcode at bottom of plaque is scannable with the Spotify music app. Scanning the barcode will start playing "Dreamscape" through Spotify's streaming service.

Commissioned Artist: @lislizth
Dimensions: 6"W x 10"H
Thickness: 3mm
Print Application: UV Printed

Cleaning Instructions: Clean with warm water and soft cloth. DO NOT use any alcohol or alcohol-based cleaning solutions, as it will degrade the print quality.

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