*This collection was discontinued in 2018 but derived or updated pieces may return in giveaways and when the shop re-opens in the future.*

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Thigh Highs & Knee Highs

*This collection was discontinued, but gained renewed popularity on TikTok and select items will return when the shop re-opens in the future.*

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Heartbeat Collection

*Skirts with an updated design may return in the future in drops. Bandages will return in giveaways and when the shop re-opens in the future.*

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Marrying together medical motifs and kawaii fashion, Menhera has created a unique mass movement pushing for the normalization of mental health discussion in order to create greater acceptance, understanding, patience, and love for the differences which make an individual's journey uniquely difficult, yet valid.

Focusing on the pills aesthetic, we've created a clothing line geared towards prying open the important conversation surrounding the relationship between our mental health and available coping mechanisms.

Every journey is different, and seeking help, advice, solutions, and new opportunities, to develop a robust coping mechanism repertoire should be celebrated as growth, maturity, bravery, health, and the ability to function at higher levels are all key benefits from this practice.

Model: @roadkill.chan | Tunic Designer: @pokemama_smash

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Our pastel goth collection takes the pastel coloration and drowns it in creepy imagery, from beautiful cathedral towers to ribcages and crosses. The collection was truly an unleashed experience for the design team, and we all took the theme and ran wild with it. Dripping edges, oozing colors, and a delicate balance between a beautiful and grim aesthetic lead the team towards a look focused on being approachable while keeping that inherent spooky nature.

This theme takes a specific look at the dissonance between “how things should be” at surface level, and “how things actually are” internally. This can apply to a variety of topics, like stereotypes, stigmas, sexual orientation, body image, race, religion, gender identity, and many concepts that deal with the disconnect between how a person is viewed and how they feel. Using some of those clashing themes mentioned above, we took a look at this divide and translated it into a visual format with color blocking, religious iconography, and the inharmonious nature of creepy gothic elements with overly kawaii palettes.

Model: @snowbunnyem | Joggers Designer: @gianella_baby

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- Boutique (A collection of one-of-a-kind items. Items may have been upcycled, sample items or prototypes, new items that don't have the supply capacity to maintain inventory, or items we're thinking we may want to add to the mainstay collection. Items may have been designed by me or anyone on the future Yumelixir team. Playing with the idea of having the boutique opening up in regular intervals (monthly or quarterly) as a live auction in the discord channel.)

- Influencer and Artist Product Collabs

- Audience Design Contests/Competitions

- Model Program (Local & Remote)

- Share Your Story (Zine or YouTube Interview)

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