Shipping and Fulfillment Policy

With the variety of items we create here at Yumelixir, you'll find that some of the items are home-made items and others are manufactured by print-on-demand facilities as well.

If you've purchased several items, your order may arrive in several packages from different facilities! Please take a look at the information below to get a clear expectation on when and how your order will be arriving.

General Shipping Rates

Domestic Rates [to USA]

$5 Flat-Rate Shipping for all orders.
FREE Shipping for orders larger than $50.

International Shipping Rates [World Wide]

$5 Flat-Rate Shipping for all orders under 0.38 lbs.
$10 Flat-Rate Shipping for all orders under 1.81 lbs.
FREE Shipping for orders larger than $100.

*weight is calculated by Yumelixir items only, including packaging weight*

*Tracking is always included with every single order. Some giveaways may be sent without tracking.*


At this moment in time, all available products will be manufactured and shipped from Meridian's house :) In the future when we create more products, she will add the additional facilities and their information below.

The manufacturing facility is identified on each product page, right underneath the title. You'll be able to match that up with the information below, to find out which facility is responsible for the manufacturing that item, how long it will take to make it, and how long it will take to arrive to you.


Manufacturing Time: Most products are made-to-order, unless otherwise noted.

Complexity of each item differs, therefore manufacturing time is specified on the product page. Generally, Jacket orders will take 2-3 weeks while Socks and Belts are about 1-2 weeks.

Major holidays including, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and birthdays may cause delays with turnaround time.

Shipping Time: After items are made, packages will be shipped via USPS or UPS, on Friday or Saturday. It takes about 3-5 days to USA orders to arrive, and approximately 2-4 weeks for international orders to arrive. Tracking for International orders stops after leaving the Los Angeles International Distribution Center and entering the destination country. During the holidays or natural disasters, shipping times may delay.

Shipping Weight: Packages heaver than 1 lb will usually ship via UPS for USA orders. International will always ship USPS, and the weight of the products + the packaging will determine the shipping amount paid at checkout.

Should there be an excess of orders, made-to-order products will be disabled from further purchases until all orders have been caught up.


Are you waiting on your free promo or bonus items to arrive?

Yumelixir may offer promotional items on top of orders during holidays, collection launches, or as bundle deals. When promo or bonus items are advertised, there is a "promotional period" where the sale or bundle will run for a specified amount of time.

Some promo or bonus items may or may not be personally made by Meridian. If the promo or bonus item is personally made by Meridian, the item will be shipped with your order, as per normal.

If the promo or bonus item is NOT personally made by Meridian, the items will be bulk ordered after the promotional period ends.

During this time, regular orders will be manufactured and shipped immediately (according to the time frames as described above), but promotional or bonus items may be shipped after the promotional period ends.

Doing a bulk order or bulk manufacturing run of promotional items all at once helps to keep operations smooth, and assures that everyone who ordered during the promotional period actually receives their item and no one is missed.

Promo items may take 2-3 weeks to arrive after the bulk order is processed.

We thank you for your patience and understanding with this policy!

Did you win a giveaway?

Giveaways won during social media interaction will be shipped out at the end of the week on Friday or Saturday.

Depending on the item(s) won, please refer to the information described above to get an estimate on manufacturing and shipping times. *Some giveaways may be sent without tracking*

Click here for additional giveaway info.


Items From Yumelixir

Currently, all packages being shipped out will have the values marked down as a default for international customers. This is frequently requested by international customers to avoid customs fees, therefore our practice to mark down the packages will continue to be a default process until postal services report against us.

Items From All Other Facilities

All goods shipped from the print on demand manufacturers have several warehouses in different countries. If the origin country is different than the destination country, you'll be considered an importer of goods and be made responsible for import tax and duty. Depending on your local import duty rate, you may be charged for tax. If you are charged, this will be collected on behalf of your local customs by the courier upon delivery.